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Sheppard H/C

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Sheppard HC
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A community dedicated to Sheppard Hurt/Comfort, Whump and Angst.

All fiction, art, recs and discussion welcome.

Your mod is kristen999.


Fic posting - please use the appropriate tag in your subject - [gen] / [ship] / [slash] - and include the author name. Also, include a rating and appropriate content warnings in the header. A word count is nice, but not a requirement. Eventually, I'm hoping to set up an archive site for the fics - so if you could state that you are willing to have your fic archived, that would be great.

Whilst discussion about Joe Flanigan is welcome here, as is fiction and discussion about his previous roles, actor-fic is not.

No large amounts of text, such as story body, outside of the cut. Same goes for pics. You can find out how to use the lj-cut function HERE.

Please feel free to promote communities and anything else you feel may be of interest here. However, spamming will not be tolerated.

No flaming or bashing! Rudeness and arguing will not be tolerated here. You will receive one warning, and one only. Any further breaking of this rule and you will be banned. This community is not a bridge for trolls to live under!

Please be aware that different countries have different schedules for showing Stargate Atlantis, and warn for any reference to episodes.

Most importantly...HAVE FUN!

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