titan5 (titan5) wrote in sheppard_hc,

Looking for a fic

I'm not sure if anyone who could answer this is still around, but I've got a story in my head I am desperate to read again and can't find it. I've searched ffnet favorite stories and authors and a couple of h/c communities, as well as everything I could think of here. I think I'm just missing it somehow.

Anyway, I think it starts with John stuck in a room filling with toxic gas. McKay finally gets the door open and I think Ronon runs in and grabs him. His lungs are really messed up from it. At some point they figure out someone is trying to kill him and pretend to sneak him out of Atlantis, but the attacker works in the control room and figures it out. He attacks again, I think by pumping gas in the team's rooms because he doesn't know where John is hiding. Then he contacts John so they can meet saying no one else has to get hurt.

Any of that sound familiar? I know it has to be in my favorites and I'm not seeing it for some reason, but it's driving me crazy. Help??

FOUND. Breathe by LinziDay
Tags: fic search
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