tari_roo (tari_roo) wrote in sheppard_hc,

Supply and Demand 4: Subject Matter Expert - 4/?

Supply and Demand 4: Scarce Skills (SGA/SPN) 4/?
author: tari_roo
Rating: Gen – PG13
Disclaimer: I own nothing and profit from nothing. But if I did, SGA would still on air and Dean would have super powers.

Summary: Life on Atlantis is about to get very interesting as the Trust launch their newest plan. Good thing Dean is still on-board, as the 'interesting' gets weird… fast.

Warnings: This is AU for SPN season three onwards and set post season five. No real spoilers for either series but you should really know them both

Chapter 4

Tags: author: tari_roo, genre: crossover

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