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01 November 2015 @ 09:05 pm
Lost Hope 3/? - SGA  

Title: Lost Hope (3/?) (SGA)
Author: tari_roo
Rating: PG13 for now, maybe R later

Disclaimer: I own nothing and profit from nothing but if I did… Sheppard would have had wings at one point in the series.
Summary: Wingfic AU. Having survived the destruction of his homeworld, Sheppard escapes the life of a slave on Athos and with a few other runaways, goes in search of their last hope for freedom, Atlantis.

Warnings: Alternate Universe. This is completely AU from SGA and SG1 and is set in a fictional galaxy that is the combination of the Milky Way and Pegasus – a seven spiral galaxy. There will be mentions of torture and war, but no overly graphic depictions of such. So be warned for AUness etc.

AN: Another chapter knocked out. Same apology as before - sorry its taken so long :) Thank you for your patience.

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