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2014 Winter Fic Exchange: Master List

Exactly what it says on the tin :)  I present to you the master list for this year's exchange! I know I said nine stories at the beginning, but one author was granted a special posting amnesty for reasons.  When she posts, I will update this list. [UPDATED!] Behold nine glorious stories!  Go read, enjoy, and leave some love for our dear authors, yes?

starbuckssue wrote Reconnection - Chistmas with the Sheppards (Gen, G) for titan5
siennavie wrote Lessons Learned (Gen, PG) for artisticabandon
nesabj wrote Trust, but Verify (Gen, PG) for roo1965
titan5 wrote Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (John/Elizabeth, PG) for hanorganaas
tepring wrote Tunnel Vision (Gen, PG) for nesabj
roo1965 wrote Getting to Know You…Pegasus Style (Gen, PG) for tepring
rabidfan wrote Freedom of Choice (John/Rodney, PG) for starbuckssue
hanorganaas wrote The Broken Leg (John/Rodney, PG) for rabidfan
artisticabandon wrote Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Gen, G, read on FF.net) for siennavie
Tags: admin, master list, winter exchange 2014
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