rabidfan (rabidfan) wrote in sheppard_hc,

Hey, here's my entry! Amazing, right? I got it finished before Armageddon!

Title: Freedom of Choice
Author: rabidfan
Recipent: starbucksue
Rating: pg
Word Count: 3,678 +/-
Genre/Characters/Pairings: SGA AU/John/Rodney…of a sort.
Warnings (if applicable): military slavery?
Summary: He’d been given a direct order. No rescue was to be attempted. They were covert, and as such no one was to know they were watching as two rescue helicopters went down over the mountains of Afghanistan. It didn’t matter that John could hear the pilot desperately calling for help. Orders were orders. Observe and report.
Author's Notes: Sue was very supportive of my angst when my computer ate my original story. She said my recipient would understand and appreciate the story I ended up with. Gosh, I sure hope she was right!

Link to story: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3154385
Tags: author: rabidfan, character: jack o'neill, character: john sheppard, character: rodney mckay, genre: hurt/comfort

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